Here at Renovation UAE, the Green Walls Installation service, we create the harmony of nature and urban living, making it a part of your lifestyle in Dubai. Our aim to combine the new living or work spaces with the serene tranquility of the nature. Biophilic design is the core of what we do, and we are firmly committed to making your walls be your living art.

The green walls, which are also called the living walls or the vertical gardens, have become a essential part of the eco-friendly building design. These attractive structures are not only beautiful, but they also serve a greater purpose in promoting environmental sustainability. Through the installation of a green wall, you will be signaling your dedication to the environment while at the same time investing in a feature that will blend well both aesthetically and functionally.

Renovation UAE is an expert in the Green Walls Installation in Dubai, and the maintenance of green walls that are perfect for both the indoor and outdoor environments. The company of experts is ready to help you to get through the process of choosing a product that you will use for the residential space or to find an innovative way to green your corporate office.


The design procedure kicks off with a comprehensive consultation in which we try to comprehend your vision and the characteristics of your space. Among the factors we take into account are lighting, air flow, humidity, and the interiors that are already in place to ensure that the appropriate plants are chosen that will flourish in your special place. Our designs go from small-scale, hanging living arts to large-scale wall gardens which are able to transform the whole outdoors and interiors into ecosystems.


The installation staff at Renovation UAE is composed of experienced professionals, among which are the architects and horticulturalists who are experts in the newest installation methods. We have mull systems which are not only easy to install but are also designed for long life and easy maintenance. All the systems are really safe and made to fit well with the existing structures, thus ensuring that the result will be a product that is safe, durable and sustainable.

Plant Selection:

The selection of the right plants is of great importance for the achievement of the green wall. Through Dubai’s distinctive climate, we put forward the idea of the usage of the hardy plant species that can manage both the heat and the time when the indoor temperature is controlled. The choice of plants seems to cover a wide range of textures, colors and growth habits which will in turn produce a three-dimensional living system that will be able to fit any design taste.

Benefits of Green Walls:

Green walls are not just a fashion statement; they are a multiple source of environmental, psychological, and financial benefits.

– They are the air filters which are natural and air is purified by them because they absorb the pollutants and release the oxygen.

– They are good at noise reduction, thus, making noise levels in crowded cities much lower.

– In the scorching hot weather of Dubai, green walls are the way to cut down the temperature of the buildings, to save some costs on the air-conditioning and to lower the energy consumption.

– The plants have been proved to decrease stress and to be the source of mental well-being, thus the inhabitants of the planted areas can live a more qualified life.

– A green wall can be a feature that will raise the property values and at the same time will make the image of commercial buildings, which will be very helpful for the business and for the tenants.


To guarantee that your green wall is always as green and vibrant as the day it was installed, Renovation UAE provides the maintenance services that are necessary for the preservation of its beauty. Our upkeep programs are the regular watering, pruning, fertilization, and any other plant replacements we conduct. In addition to that, our team also is in charge of the green wall’s health monitoring so as to avoid and to ensure its longevity.

Through Renovation UAE, you are not just a service client, but also a partner in the process of making a green, sustainable Dubai. Begin the day by getting in touch with us to talk about how we can turn your space into a place to remember with a wonderful green wall that will leave a lasting impression.

To sum up, our Green Walls Installation service is a service that is made to be smooth, sustainable and customer-oriented. The incorporation of a green wall into your private or professional space is a choice that at the same time makes your environment look more beautiful and beneficial for your health, well-being, and the Earth. Renovate Against the Trusted UAE to redefine your spaces and join us in the greening of Dubai—one wall at a time.

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