Pergola Construction in Dubai

Gain insight to the aesthetical and practical parts of Pergola Construction in Dubai.

Construct your dream outside area in the bustling Dubai with our specialized pergola construction services. The city, famous for the combination of the past with the future, is the epitome of the combination of the looks and the functions of a pergola.

 What is a Pergola?

Often confused with gazebos, pergolas are the open-air garden features that give a nice shadow but still let the breeze come through. They are mainly composed of a framework which is covered with training or woody vines and a can be the extension of a building or stand alone in a garden. Pergolas are multi-use, for instance they are used to cover the walkways, patios or to just simply improve a secluded area of your garden.

We, to the point of work in peace and association with each other, have devised a strategy for the construction of pergolas.

At the Renovation UAE we, in fact, are specialized in Pergola Construction in Dubai that are, to be precise, a natural extension of the indoor living spaces of our clients. In Dubai, we not only think about the style of our designs but also are designed to cope with challenging elements like the strong sun and winds.

First, we perform a complete site analysis and discuss the project with you to know your dream and your needs. We manage all the details from getting the required permits to the end of the construction, ensuring that you face no trouble at all.

Materials and Durability

Choosing of the best materials is the main thing in building a pergola which is both beautiful and useful and lasts for a long time. We have different materials available which are wood, aluminum, and vinyl etc. It would be a benefit for each material to have its own advantages-il wooden pergolas give a natural, rustic appeal, aluminum is strong and needs less maintenance, and vinyl is robust against the elements and maintenance-free.


Your pergola should mirror your personality and lifestyle. The choice of materials and colors, the addition of decorative elements and the practical uses such as drapes, screens, or the retractable roof are among the customization options. The whole team of specialists will be with you through the whole design process of the pergola so it will be as unique as your home.

Pergola Accessories and Add-Ons

A pergola’s functionality gets a boost by its accessories. From plants that climb and make our privacy better and also give us greenery to lighting systems that create ambiance, the possibilities are really endless. Besides, we can also make your pergola into a cool, warm or wet place by putting fans, heaters or misting systems there.


We appreciate the relevance of the sustainability, especially in the construction industry. The pergola projects are executed in a green way, such as the use of eco-friendly materials and practices that help to decrease our carbon footprint.

Permitting and Construction

The construction permits are often too complicated and therefore, a person can become more confused and find it hard to navigate. Our team is a certified expert in the local laws and regulatory requirements, and will take care of all the documentation and permissions, hence, you are sure that your pergola project will adhere to all the guidelines of Dubai Municipality.

Our Promise

At Renovation UAE, we are sure of providing the best quality in our job from all the fields. Our artisans have the professional skills and the experience that they will use to bring your vision to life with the greatest attention to detail, trying to achieve the highest standards of quality, durability, and beauty. Our detail orientation and customer service that is beyond the expectations of usually aim to make your expectations realized at every possible moment.

 Start with us and we will help you to make your outdoor space a perfect place for your memories by building the right pergola, which will be an ideal place for your memories under the Dubai sky. Get in touch with us today and we will arrange a meeting with you to discuss the plan for your own beautiful and exclusive outdoor getaway.

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