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We are pleased to present you with our villa extension services, we are being the foremost in Villa Extension Contractor Dubai. Renovation UAE understands that home is a dear place where the story of getting along and growing up a family is featured. As a family grows with years, the space requisitions also increase. Be it adding new rooms, restructuring your entire space or creating a specialized place within your house, Renovation UAE exists for helping you implement these ideas practically.

Sourcing the right local contractor could be a challenge as you strive to achieve your home expansion goals.  This is where Renovation UAE comes in.

Expertise and Excellence:

Our contractor team that possesses the requisite skills are the key determinants of the quality of the extension work and their extensive experience guarantees top quality, precision and perfection in your work. We have learned to stick perfectly to our rule and finally find our way to make even the impossible things possible.

Tailored Design Solutions:

We treat each villa extension as an unique journey and we give custom designs because we want to make it easy for the homeowners to express their personality. During the process of working together, our contractors will meet you and through your needs, pleasure, desired and life purposes they will shape a space that you live, breath and dream in. Whether you have a desire for the minimalist, contemporary, or the charming traditional style, we have credibility and experience to make your idea real.

Seamless Integration:

Our philosophy is about cohesiveness, which is to design buildings in the way they match to your current house. We specifically pay great attention to make sure that the new wing is in harmony with the architecture and stylistics of the villa, increasing the villa’s value functionally without strongly altering the design.

Quality Materials and Workmanship:

It is the key pillar of our philosophy to have Renovation UEA being consistent with the standard of quality at everything that we do. Materials of high quality are the hallmarks of our brand for upholding high quality compositions. Our craftsmen include a team of people who are truly dedicated to their occupation, delivering outstanding quality combined with paying attention to the smallest details.

Efficient and Reliable Service:

It is of great concern to us that construction process should be smooth, quick, and without delays. The members of our project management team are vowed to timely delivery of the villa extension project within the budget and the defined timeline. Additionally, we eliminate the hassle and difficulties that often accompany other procedures, organizing everything from A to Z in an unbroken manner throughout the full cycle of the procedure.

Regulatory Compliance and Safety:

Guarantee that all works comply with code-stipulated regulations and norms as rigorously as Dubai building codes and safety regulations from an aesthetic and legal point of view. Our staff follows standard operating procedures that require applying for necessary permits; conducting regular inspections to protect safety and quality; are the cornerstone of our thorough professional approach.

Our Villa Modification Contractor in Dubai Services include:

Room Additions:

Ready to save the biggest surprise for last? Whether the extra room is a bedroom, a home office, or a gym, we can design and build it to perfection to complement your villa to a T!

Kitchen and Bathroom Extensions:

Transform your kitchen or bath into gorgeous and well-designed luxurious spaces with our latest designs and installations, well-suited for what you need.

Outdoor Living Spaces:

Spread the outdoor area of your home, by adding patios, terraces or outdoor kitchen to ability to enjoy Dubai weather at its finest.

Second-Story Additions:

All the possibilities reside on your property’s surface with a second story addition, providing you with new lookouts and increasing your home’s value.

Come Home to Excellence

Here at Renovation UAE, our prime area of expertise is to transform the villas you love into the homes of your dreams and give them a new look that blends in comfort, sophistication, and luxury. Our unique experience and energy commitment provide us with the ideal characteristic of such company for your house extension in Dubai that you might look for.

Are you prepared to go beyond the boundaries that you imagine your home should be? Make a direct approach to us today to find how your villa extension can become the ultimate realisation of your dreams. At Renovation UAE, we offer the solid ground for you to construct a more complex and flourishing tomorrow.

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