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Renovation UAE, the leading website for Office Fit Out Contractor in Dubai, is Welcome to you. We are committed to delivering to our clients the best services that turn their ideas into reality at the same time keeping the functionality, style and the comfort as the key factors. Being a professional office fit-out contractor, we are very proud of the fact that we can turn workplaces into the places that help to the productivity, creativity, and well-being.

Dubai, the dynamic business center of the Middle East, requires the excellence and innovation in everything, including the office design. At Renovation UAE, we realize that an office is not only a place of work but also a representation of your organization’s principles, culture, and image. This is the reason we offer customized services that reflect your company’s core values, win the hearts of the clients, and inspire the staff.

Our way of organizing the workplace re-designs.

The first step of designing your perfect office is the one-to-one consultation. The designers and project managers of our team, who are quite experienced, work with you closely in order to know your needs, preferences, and the specific challenges of your home. Now we have the knowledge to begin a design project that combines form and function, getting the best out of the space without losing the visual appeal.

We focus on a whole range of fit-out services, from the beginning design concept to the end execution. This encompasses space planning, interior design, custom furniture production, partitions, flooring, ceiling work, MEP services (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) and all the aspects of constructions and renovations. Our holistic approach is characterized by the fact that every single detail is taken into account and goes along with the final idea.

Compliance and Sustainability

Our projects almost always follow the Dubai Municipality’s regulations and the UAE Fire and Life Safety Code which is really important for the safety and security. In addition to that we also put the environment first by using the green practices and materials in the design. Our main aim is to design places that not only look good but also as little as possible, the environmental impact.

Project Management

The project management is the mainstay of our company. We guarantee that every fit-out project is completed on time, within the budget, and according to the highest possible quality standards. Our active communication approach informs clients at every stage, which gives them the feeling of being in control of the project’s completion and hence, the peace of mind.

Our Services

At Renovation UAE, we offer a range of office fit-out services including, but not limited to:

– Corporate Office Fit-Outs: The personalized solutions for corporate clients that fit with their corporate identity and brand image are the main focus.

– Commercial Space Fit-Outs: The outstanding and original ideas for the layouts of retail spaces, restaurants, and other commercial establishments.

– Hospitality Fit-Outs: Creating the accommodating and cozy atmosphere for hotels, leisure, and entertainment venues.

– Health and Education Sector Fit-Outs: Spaces that are specially designed for clinics, hospitals, schools, and universities, which are both comfortable and functional.

Our Experienced Team

The team is our greatest asset. We have a dynamic team comprised of imaginative designers, skilled craftsmen, and hardworking project managers, all of them having the same interest in designing the best workplace. With the experience in the field and a constant pursuit of the perfection, Renovation UAE is the reliable partner for you office fit-outs.

Why Choose Renovation UAE?

– Professional skill and extensive knowledge coupled with a lot of previous experience in the UAE market.

– The personalized programs that fit your brand and business requirements.

– The complete services range from the conception to the completion.

– The quality, the timelines, and the client communication are the main tasks of the project manager.

– The research on these aptitudes has given students the skills they need to be leaders in business safety, sustainability, and compliance.

We invite you to start a new journey with us.

Renovation UAE makes your office transformation journey an exciting adventure, and you’re never alone in this journey because you have Renovation UAE with you along the way. We will assist you in the making of a workspace which will energize your workforce, will attract the clients and will push your business towards the success.

Send us an email or a call now to talk about your office fit-out project in Dubai and then, we can help you to realize your vision.

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